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This will include: what is new for a version release, things to come, and any reported issues that are currently being worked on.

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v1.14 is now on iTunes

You should now be able to download version 1.14 on iTunes.  This fixes the iOS7 PDF attachment issue.   Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck this weekend!


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iOS7 – PDF attachment not showing correctly in v1.12

People have reported issues that after they updated to iOS7 that the PDF reports are not not attaching correctly when they email it.   I have sent a fix to Apple for this and it is waiting for review.   Until then,  you can sent the report to and I will re-attach the file correctly for you.

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iOS 7 update causing the “Unlimited Games” to show it is not paid.

I have been receiving emails from people who just updated their iPad to iOS 7 and now the app is asking for them to purchase the “Unlimited Games” again.   If you do run into this, all you need to do is go through the in app purchase again.  Apple will not double charge you for this as long as you are using the same account you purchased the app before.  It will then say something to the effect of;  You have already purchased this app would you like to download it again.  Tap Yes and you should be good to go.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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v1.12 is now on iTunes

Version 1.12 is now on iTunes. This fixes the bug posted here:

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v1.11 – Minor Bug Notice

A bug was reported – when you edit the game clock in the play review area, you will get a prompt to end the period.  This should only happen if the clock was set to 0:00 time.  This is more of an annoyance and all you will need to do is tap NO and continue (unless of course it is the End of the Period).   To avoid the prompt, an alternative is to manage the game clock from the main score keeping screen, and not the play review area.

I will be sending v1.12 to Apple today and will post again when it is available on iTunes.

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Version 1.11 is now on iTunes

Version 1.11 fixes a bug that would happen if you started a game, but did not enter a play and exited out.  When you resumed the game the opening kickoff would default to the team and not let you select a player.

Also punts that are kicked out of bounds can now use the “Punt Downed” button to end the play without entering in a punt returner.

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v1.08 is now on iTunes – Delete last play bug fixed.

I just received the email from Apple that version 1.08 update is on iTunes.  I would highly recommend installing this ASAP because of a bug in 1.07 causing issues when trying to deleting the pervious play.

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Bug Report – v1.08 Fix was set to Apple

Currently the Delete button in the Play Review area is not working as it should.   If you delete the play, the previous play stats will still remain and you will see them listed again after you enter the play over.  (Note:  You can still use the play review area to change the yards or player if needed.)  If you do run into this issue, I would advise waiting until the half or end of the game and use the new Play-By-Play Game Log to edit the play.  If you can not fix the issue yourself using the Game Log Editor, then “Report a Problem” in the app and let me know the following:

  • The game date.
  • The play in question with the quarter and time.
  • What the play should show including all the players involved.

Hopefully this will be on iTunes very soon because it was sent for review 3 days ago.

This update also fixes the Play-By-Play Game Log viewer to show Punts, Extra Points, and Field Goals as it was intended.

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Version 1.07 update is now on iTunes.

The version 1.07 update is available to download on iTunes.  This version will let you edit plays for a completed or current game.   To edit plays for a completed game, go to Manage > Games > Edit Game Stats.  Tap on the game you would like to edit, which will bring up the game’s Play-By-Play drive log.  Tap on the incorrect play, and redo the play by inputting it the same way as you would in a live game.  To edit plays for a current game, go to the scoring screen’s Options menu.  Tap the button for the game’s Play-By-Play drive log, and edit the appropriate play.

Also a new rule has been added for the ball spot after a kickoff touchback.

– Travis

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v1.07 Sent To Apple for Review – Post Game Stat Editing

The 1.07 update was sent to Apple and should be available on iTunes in a few days (review times very.)  I will post again when the update is available to download.   The price will be increasing with this next release. (Updates are free.)  So if you have not already purchased the “Unlimited Games” option, I would advise doing this before the update is out and the price increases.

Update  Info:
You will now have the ability to redo/edit all plays during a game or plays from a game already finished.  This update will also give you a play-by-play drive chart with the play plotted on the field.  This chart can be be filtered by team, period, and play type.

A couple other things have been added; new rules, Touchback Yardline, and Automatic Clock Stop.  There will also be a prompt for the spot of the ball on a missed field goal.  There is now a flag button on the kickoff that can adjust the kickoff location if a penalty occurs.

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