Post Game Stat Editing

Currently the app only allows for editing stats for the current or prior play  during the game.  This is one of the reasons there is a “play review” after each play that can be edited.  I am working on adding post game editing feature, but it will take a while to implement and get on iTunes.   This will also give the Play-By-Play game log people have been asking for.

– Travis

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v1.06 is now on iTunes.

Fixed player and team stat calculations so that 2pt conversion yards and attempts are no longer added into the game and season stats.

Fixed a bug that during a 2pt conversion if a pass was incomplete,  the kickoff screen would not appear at the end of the play.

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v1.05 is now on iTunes

Version 1.05 is now available on iTunes.  This update includes the bug fixes for reported issues.   The update also includes additional rules.  The new rules give you the option to change the point values for extra points, 2pt conversions, field goals, and touchdowns.

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v1.05 – Update News

The v1.05 update is waiting for Apple to review it and push it to iTunes.  That should be in the next day or two.  This update fixes the bugs that were reported.  Including:

  • 2 point conversions being awarding 6 points.
  • Safety points were awarded to the wrong team.
  • A flag on an extra point would result in a kickoff.
  • The onside kick button not always being reset and could cause it to overlap other buttons.
  • Not being able to save the 80 yard field when creating custom rules.

In addition to the bug fixes a couple new things have been added to the game rules.  You will now be able to choose the point value for Extra Points, 2pt Conversions, Field Goals, and Touchdowns.  This should help accommodate different programs that do not use the traditional scoring format.

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v1.04 – 2 Bugs Reported (fix already sent to Apple)

The “Onside Kick” button is not aways being removed after a kickoff.   This button can overlap the “Missed Extra Point” or “Missed Field Goal” buttons.
Work around: Double tap on the field to start the current play over and the button will be removed.   See the previous news update for the bug that involves setting up season rules.

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v1.05 sent to Apple for Review

A bug was reported that when trying to change to the 80 yard field size when creating or editing a rule that the value does not save.    This bug has been fixed and was just sent to Apple for review.  I will post again when the update is out.   (This should be in a few days.)   A temporary work around can be done if needed prior to this update.  If interested in it, contact us via the “Report a Problem” option in the app.

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v1.04 Coming Soon – 6,8,9 Player Football Rules

6,8,9 Player Options
In the next update you will be able to choose between the traditional 100 yard field or an 80 yard field that is used in 6,8,9 player leagues.  In addition, you will also now be able to change the amount of yards needed for a first down from normal 10 yards to 15 or whatever your league uses.

Practice Game Option
When scheduling games you will now be able to save the game as a practice game.  Practice games stats will not be factored into team or player season stats.

Stat Keeping Screen
Onside kick option added to the kickoff screen.

Game Management
You can now delete saved games.

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Version 1.03 is now on iTunes

New in version 1.03 – Updates to both the Game and Player reports. Also some season editing bugs have been corrected. Samples of the updated reports can be downloaded at

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Version 1.03 Sent to Apple – PDF updates and Bug fixes

Version 1.03 of iTouchStats Football was sent to Apple for review. A sample of the updated pdf reports can be viewed at

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New options being added to PDF reports

In the next update for iTouchStats Football, there will be a few additions to the PDF reports.  One will be the ability to include the plotted play locations in Player Reports.  Also a scoring & stats summary page will also be include in Game Reports.   You can see a sample of the new version of the Player Report at

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