Version 1.01 is now on iTunes

Fixes: A display issue causing finished games to not show under the stats menu if tracking multiple seasons.
Whats New: A new tab “App News” tab has been added to the main application screen.  If an internet connection is available when you open the app, you will be notified of application news.  This will include reported bugs, updates, and things to come.   You can also sign up to be notified of application news via email at

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Application bug reported – Fix has been sent to Apple for review – v 1.01

A display bug has been reported if have more then one season setup on the device.   After a game is completed, it is not listed under the stats screen.   This is just a display issue and no data is lost.  This has been fixed and version 1.01 has been sent to Apple to review.  The review period does very, but normally takes a couple days.

– Travis

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iTouchStats Football – App News

Subscribe and receive notifications of the latest iTouchStats Football news.
This will include: what is new for a version release, things to come, and any reported issues that are currently being worked on.

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